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Rlk Media - 2583 Words

RLK Media Philip M. May 13, 2013 Executive Summary 1985, Ray Kelner had launched RLK Media in a converted muffler repair shop in Waltham, ten miles west of Boston. The labs radical speaker designs quickly attracted affluent audiophiles, who would pony up $20,000 for a pair of RLKs custom-made towers. Taking the helm in 1998 as CEO Lars Inman led the acquisition of Opticon LCD Labs, positioning RLK to compete at the high end of the emerging home theater market but hed underestimated the ability of the Japanese consumer electronics giants to lure away RLKs core customers with their increasingly high-quality, competitively priced products. Unable to compete in the fast-growing, high-volume home theater business, RLK,†¦show more content†¦To do this, he has to change the metrics by which performance is measured, rewarding people not for the innovativeness of the ideas they find or develop but for the success of those ideas in the marketplace (2005, p. 22). Lars must mitigate the undesirable effects by positively reinforcing d esired behavior and explore what types of behavior are currently being rewarded and ensure employees care about doing their job and producing products that are beneficial to the organization. â€Å"For an organization to act upon its members, the formal reward system should positively reinforce desired behavior, not constitute an obstacle to be overcome† (Kerr, 1995, p.13). Nohria, 2005 points out that the biggest potential obstacle to this essential change may be Ray, who has long resisted outside involvement in his RD operation. Hes not going to take well to a flood of external ideas competing with his own. Probably Larss best bet is to appeal to Rays devotion to the company and try to convince him that RLKs survival depends on radical change. (p.22) â€Å"Strategic dreams often turn into nightmares if companies start engaging in expensive and distracting restructurings. It’s far more effective to choose a design that works reasonably well, then develop a strategic system to tune the structure to the strategy† (Kaplan, R., Norton, D. 2006) I think all strategies are disruptive in some way. Some are less disruptiveShow MoreRelatedVideo Headset With Directional Sound Technology Essay983 Words   |  4 PagesA. Executive Summary: Lars Inman, CEO of RLK Media, needs to make a decision on how to develop the iVid. This video headset with di rectional sound technology has the potential to revolutionize the consumer electronics industry. Although recently RLK Media has been struggling against the competition and has seen their margins evaporate. With the company’s declining performance the board of directors has threatened to find a replacement CEO, making Lars’ decision all the more critical. He is being

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