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Choose any song you wish (contemporary is fine). Using AT LEAST one Essay

Choose any song you wish (contemporary is fine). Using AT LEAST one verse and the refrain, discuss the lyrics in terms of poetr - Essay Example In this analysis, the paper will consider verses two and three including the refrain. In the song, Tyrell asks his wife to accompany him to various great places such as Bombay, Peru and Ac apulco Bay, which he promises to be full of fun and joy. His convincing voice is felt in lines like â€Å"in llama land there's a one-man band/ and he'll toot his flute for you† (Tyrell, 5-6), to signify the much fun they were to have in Peru. Tyrell the singer will be the one man band who will be playing the flute to the new wedded wife in Peru. To express his love for the lady, he chooses different places full of fun, perhaps with interesting things he is sure that the wife would love. He engages her thoughts romantically by painting a romantic picture in her head. Sweet-talking her to accept his proposal, Tyrell sings, â€Å"Once I get you up there I'll be holding you so near/ You may hear all the angels cheer 'cause we're together (Tyrell, 11-12).† Not only does he show his deep l ove to the woman, but also paints a romantic picture in her head. He first asks her to come and fly away with him, and later promises that they will stay up in the sky, where he would hold her so near that she would hear the angels cheer because they are together. In Ac apulco Bay, he promises her that they will have a perfect weather for a honeymoon and beat the birds, which would bring them closer, creating more fun and happiness. He then asks her to join him and insists that they will fly together to all these places. Imagery Through imagery, Tyrell paints numerous scenes that are enticing to the woman. He creates a lasting picture in her mind that is supposed to be both romantic and appealing. Extensively, the singer uses symbolism and personification to create a romantically enticing picture in the imagination of the woman. He tells her to go with him, so that they can float down to Peru, where a one man band will play a flute for her. He creates an urge in the woman, prompting her to desire the great feeling of flying, and the music from the flute, which is most likely her favourite music instrument. Although Tyrell does not mention the band’s name, he is a singer and will probably be the band. However, to create a lasting impression and increase her anxiety, he conceals the name of the band. Moreover, he promises to take her to the sky where he would hold her very closely. The close that they would be to the sky, she would even hear the angels cheering their unison. â€Å"Once I get you up there I'll be holding you so near/ you may hear all the angels cheer 'cause we're together (Tyrell 11-12). By this, he means that even in heaven, their marriage has been approved. The perfect Ac apulco bay for a honeymoon is meant to let her know that he never settled for simple places, but the best, full of fun such as bird hunting and perfect weather. With these images in her mind, Tyrell hopes that he manages to successfully convince his women to accompany him to the honeymoon. Alliteration

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