Saturday, October 19, 2019

Case Study of a Philosophical Argument About How Science

Of a Philosophical Argument About How Science - Case Study Example His belief was that empiricism had no place for causality and that human beings learn through associations with each other and arguments they have with friends. This gave rise to the issue of induction in philosophy. On the other hand, Tomas Kuhn was of the idea that knowledge comes through the revolution of science. He proposes that the origin of knowledge is through observations and drawing practical conclusions, which can be tested scientifically. Other scholars carry out empirical tests on facts proposed by one scholar. They develop new models to provide plausible explanations for the old and new observations. This explanation is consistent with Bacon’s proposal on the inductive process of arriving at knowledge. The view on scientific method by Bacon has been in use in the contemporary world of ideas and science, where concepts are continually tested, and put in the swing of things.

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