Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Stock Market Prices - Web Based App Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Stock Market Prices - Web Based App - Coursework Example There are many advances in stock technologies, although the real time stock out has gotten the most press coverage recently. There are diverse technologies with various capabilities, price points, and footprints. After some time, this evolving change in the stock exchange will spread to other sectors as well. Anything of material significance will be stream –tagged to report its state in real time...... Sophisticated financial operations and keen investors require state of the art trading systems with potential of handling operations in terms of complexity and volume. Challenge the market The challenges faced by markets place are the ability to handle increased volume of trading and latest financial instrument. This calls for the implementation of new rules and regulations that demand for setting up latest cutting edge systems or modifying or even upgrading the existing systems without interfering the on-going operations Challenges 1. Quick and quality execution 2. High Performance 3. Scalability to handle high volumes without degrading in performance 4. Platform neutral 5. Security Overview The documentation is to be developed to cater to the operational needs of the investors all over the world. Therefore, the architecture covers all aspects of Real time market information. Real Time and Delayed Stock Quotes The stock quotes are available on real time basis for which the bourse ch arges a monthly fee while the delayed mode which occurs on the basis of 15-20 minutes delay or lag and available for free. Relevant parameters from the stock market 1. Spot price is acquired from stock exchange’s current basic stock trade price. 2. Exercise price, Time to Maturity are acquired from option exchange quotes. 3. Risk free rate depends on different economies, for example, the US market and the US Treasury 4. Suggested bill rate is 5. Volatility is acquired from user entries; the goal is to give an individual user freedom to decide on their own volatility method. It helps in carrying a test for volatility’s accuracy against the basic market price. Finance data service provider The data is obtained

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