Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Graduate Attributes Essay

Subject Specialists Investigative Independent and Critical Thinkers Resourceful and Responsible Effective Communicators Confident Adaptable Experienced Collaborators Ethically and Socially Aware Reflective Learners T Academic Dimension Understand and respect the values, principles, methods and limitations of their discipline(s). Are intellectually curious and engage in the pursuit of new knowledge and understanding. Identify, define and assess complex issues and ideas in a researchable form. Are experienced in self-directed learning and authentic research-led enquiry. Articulate complex ideas with respect to the needs and abilities of diverse audiences. Defend their ideas in dialogue with peers and challenge disciplinary assumptions. Experience multi-disciplinary and/or inter-disciplinary learning in an internationally renowned institution. Engage with the scholarly community and respect others’ views and perspectives. Consider and act upon the ethical, social and global responsibilities of their actions. Use feedback productively to reflect on their work, achievements and self-identity. Personal Dimension Possess a breadth and depth of knowledge within their disciplinary area(s). Are able to locate, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources and media. Exercise critical judgement in evaluating sources of information and constructing meaning. Are motivated, conscientious and self-sufficient individuals capable of substantial independent work. Present their ideas clearly and concisely in high quality written and spoken English. Possess excellent interpersonal and social skills fostered within an internationalised community. Respond flexibly and adapt their skills and knowledge to excel in unfamiliar situations. Are experienced in working in groups and teams of varying sizes and in a variety of roles. Welcome exposure to the richness of multi-cultural and international experiences, opportunities and ways of thinking. Set aspirational goals for continuing personal, professional and career development. Transferable Dimension Possess discipline-relevant professional skills, knowledge and competencies. Are able to investigate problems and provide effective solutions. Apply creative, imaginative and innovative thinking and ideas to problem solving. Manage their personal performance to meet expectations and demonstrate drive, determination, and accountability. Communicate clearly and confidently, and listen and negotiate effectively with others. Demonstrate enthusiasm, leadership and the ability to positively influence others. Demonstrate resilience, perseverance and positivity in multi-tasking, dealing with change and meeting new challenges. Conduct themselves professionally and contribute positively when working in a team. Have a practical and contemporary knowledge of relevant professional, ethical and legal frameworks. Identify and articulate their skills, knowledge and understanding confidently and in a variety of contexts.

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