Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Utilizing Work Performance Habits Effectively Essay

Utilizing Work Performance Habits Effectively - Essay Example The concept of organizational behavior refers to the study of how individuals within a business environment interact with both the business and its policies as well as other members of the professional staff. The characteristics of group behavior are somewhat complex with the idea that behavior deals with psychological issues as well as maintaining a professional decorum by those who represent a company. During the course of group affiliation, there will inevitably be conflict as different individuals perceive relationships and organizational policies on a different level. The key attributes of those employees who can effectively manage and thrive within group dynamics are the ability to negotiate a conflict resolution and establish effective methods of communication. This author will describe three specific tools for professional success in detail. Â  Leadership within a business does not necessarily reflect only the most senior-level administration. In terms of setting the pace of proper organizational behaviors, even the non-managerial staff can create a positive environment for co-workers. With this authors goal of sustaining a managerial role, I can effectively offer methods to enhance my performance at work by setting the example of professionalism. First, once the strategic direction for the workplace has been established, it is the role of leadership to ensure that the entire staff is unified and maintains a sense of direction. Executing goals is nothing but aligning people, motivating them, and creating a culture of leadership (Padgaonkar, 2006).

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