Friday, October 4, 2019

E-Business strategy Essay Example for Free

E-Business strategy Essay Grandmas Treats, a newly owned family business dedicated in selling bakery items and wishes to go online for achieving awareness and catering its services to a large group of consumers. The various reasons for which it would derive online benefits can be summarized as follows: †¢ Visibility is the largest accomplishment one aims in an online business. †¢ Its local brand can be promoted internationally to achieve a strategy for business continuity. †¢ Networking with several international brands and suppliers would create international links and would generate large scale opportunities for various upcoming suppliers and vendors. Consumers and customers would be able to access the store at their free will. †¢ Secure payment options would entail greater compliance on the part of the company to arrange online purchase options and security associated with it. †¢ Competitiveness with the online established brands would take them to reengineer their products better so that one is able to focus more on quality. †¢ The enhanced marketing for the website would make them sell to a large number of other businesses and consumers enabling their B2B and B2C models. The customers would be able to compare the products and services with others so that they are able to decide upon the choices provided. Technology: The technology required to get online and take care of the display of products and services would be focused on three aspects namely front end design, middle level architecture and database. The front end design would compose setting up the website and would require HTML and client side technology for getting the job done. The creation of the static pages would take HTML and JavaScript or VBScript must be used to validate the web site and its form entries and data storage requirements. The advanced technologies would make sure that data is represented well and connected for getting the usability right for the website. The usability features must be taken care so that one is able to acknowledge the look and feel, consistency of content, navigation patterns, anytime-anywhere traveling within the website and many more (Usability. gov, 2007). It also allows user to understand and reciprocate information, their current path and content for the website. The client side features enables the user to take the correct action and guide them all along. The middle level architecture takes into account the business logic that is driving the front end and all the operations that the user is supposed to perform to accomplish a certain amount of their job. The business processes are the payment modules, generating the online dynamic content, tracking one’s order, tracking the online cart or basket requirements, handling the database operations and making sure that they get everything they want. Several application severs like IBM Websphere, JBOSS can be used for the purpose. The database for the website is composed of several tables which record data and information from the users of the system which comprise of several individuals, institutions and several other businesses. The data is stored and fetched when required to view the information. Databases of RDBMS nature such as Oracle, DB2 and others can be used for widespread storage of data and information. Privacy and security measures: The privacy of the customer information and the transactions that are required to be made must be safe in all respects so as to prevent eavesdropping and tapping of the message. The use of TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols can be used to facilitate transmission and transfer across a secured channel to prevent the misuse of customer’s personal and financial data for their wide applicability and to perform online purchases IETF (2007). It takes care of the privacy of the information and makes sure that all communication is completely safe and abides by the privacy laws of the organization. The use of security measures like firewalls and antivirus software’s can help a long way to facilitate preventing of websites from intruders and malicious content and programs. The firewalls would prevent the website from any malicious programs and take care of the safety of the website.

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