Sunday, October 6, 2019

Profile and discuss one communications sector of a country of your Essay

Profile and discuss one communications sector of a country of your choice. ( India film industry Bollywood) - Essay Example Bollywood, the Indian film industry, is an important part of the global international communication system in the modern world. This paper is aimed at providing the profile of Bollywood, the Indian film industry and also in discussing various aspects of international communication related to this industry. International communication and films: International communication is considered as the inseparable part of human lives as it is playing an important role in developing various social, cultural, socio-cultural, economic, educational and other aspects of their lives. After the World War II, international communication has gained significant attention from all over the world. Since the middle of the 19th century, global communication started to gain greater amounts of focus by people (McPhail, 2011, p.1). According to McPhail (2011), â€Å"international communication refers to the cultural, economic, political, social and technical analysis of communication and media patterns and ef fects across and between nation-states† (McPhail, 2011, p.2). International communication is essential for the purpose of producing effective value judgments. The most important sources of international communication are online media services, print media services, news channels and films and theaters (Supadhiloke, 2008, p.109). The notion of international communication is closely related to the society as various societal imbalances and inequalities are revealed through international communication (Moby, 2003, p.10). Improvements in satellite, television and internet system are helping films to become an important medium of international communication. Modern technologies are getting transferred in developing countries from developed countries like UK and USA (Hallin, 1998, p.153). Film is considered as traditional media and the growing technological advancements are creating greater amounts of integration in favour of developing the international digital telecommunication ne twork (Madikiza and Bornman, 2007, p.16). With the help of film media and industries cultural aspects are commoditised (Madikiza and Bornman, 2007, p.32). However, several instances reveal that national cultures are becoming the victim of the film media as the most important way of communicating with the people nationally as well as internationally (like the Western society) (Golding and Harris, 1996, p.199). Numerous epic films which have been produced in different countries all over the world have raised the effectiveness of international communication all over the world with the help of greater popularity of these films (Curran and Morley, 2006, p.267). Indian film industry: Bollywood, the Indian film industry is effectively using various social, cultural, economic as well as political aspects which are creating various impacts on the lives of people of the country, in particular, and in the lives of people of the world, in general. Bollywood is the largest film industry in India (there are number of regional film industries in the country which are popularly known as Tollywood. The New York Times as well the Washington Post regularly publish reviews of Indian films which are released and shown in different multiplexes of New York, Toronto and other cities of the United States (Rao, 2007, p.57). More than 300 films are produced every year in Bollywood and large numbers of Bollywood films are exported to the United

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